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What’s new in Javascript?

Some of the new features are still proposal / not compatible in all browsers. So if you are playing with the code, try to use Google Chrome. And some of them may Private Fields...


Steemit Post Comment Using Nodejs

In this tutorial, you will learn to use steemjs to post a comment to Prerequisites Basic knowledge in nodejs The data is fetched as JSON from URL and then it is sent to...


Install MySQL Command Prompt

You can run MySQL from Command Prompt Install WAMP Server Download WAMP Left Click and Click on Start all Services View post on Make Sure its Green Colour Now Goto C:wampbinmysqlmysql5.6.17bin or...


Project: Rapid Stat [Database Application]

RapidStat is a databaseoriented application made in c#,its a feedback application in which students can rate their teachers Domain: Database Application Date: 2014 Languages Used: C#,SQL it consists of 3 modules ->Add Faculty ->Fill Details...


JAVA Program to Implement BlackJack

This is the Java Program to Implement Black Jack Blackjack is a very well known gambling card game played againsta dealer in a casino. In this card game, each player is trying to beat...


Bankers Algorithm in Java

This is the Implementation of Bankers Algorithm in java The Banker’s algorithm is a resource allocation and deadlock avoidance algorithm developed by Edsger Dijkstra that tests for safety by simulating the allocation of predetermined...